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Career counseling clients can see results in as few as two sessions.  I help people determine a career path that fits with their interests, values, and skills AND that works with the rest of their life.  If you’re feeling confused or lost about what type of work would bring you joy, working with me will help you figure out your next steps on your path to meaningful work and happiness in your life.

I currently offer career counseling on a per session basis as well as the following packages:


In this two-session package you will gain clarity about a rewarding career path for you.  This package is ideal for young adults starting out in their career, individuals contemplating career transition, and individuals returning to the workforce after a career break.  It includes:

  • Assessments that you will complete before the first session to gain insight into your interests, values, and skills
  • Two face-to-face sessions, offered either in-person or virtually
  • A plan for next steps specific to you and your needs and resources to help you implement your plan



This package is ideal for high school students and their parents.  Avoid the additional high costs of extra time and money for an already expensive college education, and figure out a clear direction for your college studies before you go.  This two-session package includes:

  • Initial consultation with teen and parents to clarify goals
  • Take-home assessments of interests and skills
  • In-person review of results and written reports that students and parents can refer to during their college search process
  • Guidance on maximizing the growth opportunities of the college search process while managing the stress that goes along with it



This package is ideal for individuals who have a pretty clear sense of the work they want to do but are not sure how to get to where they want to be.  This package includes:

  • Activities to help you develop an individualized job search road map
  • Coaching on networking and information gathering strategies for a successful job search
  • The number of sessions in this package can be customized to your needs, and sessions can take place in-person or virtually

My office is convenient to Rockland, Bergen, Orange, and Westchester counties. Career counseling is also available over Skype. Career counseling services are typically not covered by insurance. Inquiries about rates and availability can be made by phone or email.


"Kathleen is smart, warm and informed.  Her career counseling allowed me to open up to what I really want.  Her tests and tools helped me create more clarity about my direction.  Kathleen also offered many good resources on how to get from "here"= "there"=results!"    – Cynthia S., New York


"Re-entering the work world after taking many years off to raise my children was very overwhelming. I wasn't sure what I wanted to be when I "grew up".  Dr. Cuneo spoke to me over the phone, had me email her my resume and cover letter and we made an appointment to meet.  When I arrived at her office, she had already looked over my paperwork and had suggestions and referrals all set to go.  She made the most of our time together and helped me to see what I had to offer a future employer.  Her suggestions were very helpful and I am now employed full time doing something I love. Thank you" – Michelle H., New York

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