Dr. Kathleen Cuneo

Optimizing the healthy development of children and families has been the focus of my training and professional experience. I earned my doctoral degree in Applied Developmental Psychology from Fordham University and have been working with children and families for over two decades. I am a licensed psychologist in the state of New York.

Over the years, my interests have developed and expanded. Throughout the process of guiding my own daughters on their individual paths towards making decisions about education and career that best fit with their interests, strengths, and values, I realized that I loved the process of career counseling. I enjoy helping people determine ways to maximize personal satisfaction and happiness with work that fits well with the rest of their lives. I am especially excited to help parents raise healthy families while also finding meaningful, rewarding work.

To augment my extensive skills and experience in counseling, I returned to school myself in order to gain additional knowledge in the fields of human resource management and career development.

In my career counseling work, I use a strength-based approach to help set you on the path to figuring out what you “want to be when you grow up” ~ whether you’re a young adult just starting out in the world, a mid-life mom contemplating a return to the workforce after valuable years spent home raising kids, or someone looking for meaningful work in a “retirement career”.

“The key to successful parenting is not found in complex theories, elaborate family rules, or convoluted formulas for behavior. It is based on your deepest feelings of love and affection for your child and is demonstrated simply through empathy and understanding.” John Gottman, Ph.D.


“My time with Kathleen Cuneo was one I looked forward to each week. She had wonderful suggestions / ideas on how to help me deal with challenging situations when it came to my daughter. Kathleen was always extremely professional yet my comfort level was that of a friend – she did not judge me or my daughter, rather provided me with a level of support that I will always be grateful for.”

Pam K., New York